10 Style Tips To Wear Leggings And Look Your Best No Matter Your Size

When you wear oolala leggings, we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to wear them all day, every day.  With so many styles, prints and colors out there - it's all in the styling to get you looking your best! Once you've figured out your look, shop the whole range here!

Top 10 Styling Tips to Look Your Best in Leggings

1. Find the Right Shape

Before we get into our top styling tips, it’s good to start with the basics. Part of styling any outfit is finding shapes and silhouettes that work with your body.

leggings styling tips
  • If you have an apple shape:

Mid-rise leggings work best with an apple figure. The mid-rise waist will work wonders for that beautiful shape. The best part? Capris and long style leggings are a match! [Grab our Capris Here and Long Leggings here]

  • If you have an hour-glass shape:

To fully capitalize on your curves, we’d recommend wearing high-rise leggings. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, side-paneling is great for giving you that slim leg look.

  • If you have a triangle shape:

Women who have a triangular figure should try out some foldover leggings or leggings with a wider waistband. This will prevent the leggings from curving into your hips. [Our Yoga Band Leggings will be perfect]

  • If you have a rectangle shape:

Cropped, capris and lower waist leggings will suit your figure best. The lower waist style will create a more narrow look that forms a curved silhouette.  [Our Capris are here for you] 

    2. Work with Your Colors

    These days, you can get leggings in just about every shape, color, and print. However, how do you know which one is best for you?

    Your choice of color and print largely depends on how comfortable you feel. Generally speaking, if you’re looking to detract from your legs, we’d recommend staying close to the darker and more neutral looks. These low-key legging styles won’t draw any attention to unwanted areas. [Our Solid Colors are a perfect choice here...] But who says you should take away attention from your legs?

    3. Balance the Bold

    While we’ve covered how to work with colors to achieve a slimmer look, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with your prints! Vibrant colors and patterns are big for this spring and summer, they’re easy to style too.

    We love making bold patterns the stand-out feature.  Balancing the print with a solid color top lets the print speak for itself. We have a constantly changing array of bold prints - check our newest ones in our Fresh Prints Collection

     printed leggings styling tips

    4. Create Shape with a Blazer

    Just because you’re wearing leggings doesn’t mean you have to stick to casual wear. Our shaping secret weapon is a must-have for any closet. The blazer: always in style and always flattering to your body.

    Adding a blazer to your leggings look will instantly sharpen your style while working wonders for your silhouette. To cinch in your waist and to create a more hourglass illusion, we’d recommend styling your leggings with an asymmetrical cut blazer.

    Style tip: don’t fully button up your blazer. Buttoning up your blazer will lose that natural curve allusion and may start hugging your body in the wrong way. If a button is needed, stick to 1 button in the middle.  

    5. Pick the Right Shoes 

    There’s a lot to be said about choosing the right shoes for your outfit. Having the wrong shoes can completely derail your whole look and it can be easily avoided.

    Shoes make up a large part of our styling tips to help you look your best in your leggings. The main aspect that you should focus on is finding the right shoe to continue your leg line. We’d recommend opting for shoes that are the same color of your leggings. By doing so, you’re making your legs look longer and your outfit much chicer.

    shoe styling tips

    Here are our shoe recommendations:

    • Sneakers
    • Ballerina pumps
    • Heeled pumps
    • Asymmetrical sandals
    • Knee-high boots
    • Thigh-high boots 

    6. Layer Your Leggings

    Layering is essential to styling your leggings the right way. It’s an especially nifty styling tip for those who prefer to cover up their assets.

    Pair your go-to leggings with a longer jacket for those summer evenings or chilly winters. They’re a great way to take your leggings from day to night in an instant. On top of that, the length will cover your body just enough so that you’re not running the risk of exposing areas that you’d prefer hidden.

    Other options include layering your leggings to your heart’s desire with a tunic, oversized jacket or faux fur vest, and a chunky scarf. For summer you could try a flowy dress and long length cardigan or denim jacket on top of your leggings. 

    7. Go for a Looser Top

    Having a loser top will counteract the tight fit of your leggings. It’s a great way to add some curves for smaller frames. They are perfect for hiding problem areas too.

    For a day-to-day, casual look, pair your leggings with a simple tunic. Tunics are perfect for adding that extra element of style to your look. If you prefer rocking your leggings during a workout, a longer and loser t-shirt will do the trick, or you can try a longer vest. 

    8. Try Out Leather

     When it comes to leggings, it’s tempting to stick to the classic, comfortable options. Try spicing up your legging looks with a touch of leather. Leather leggings are just as comfortable but add a little extra style to your overall look.

    Our styling tips for your leather look leggings include pairing them with a longer sweater and a statement necklace. Throw on a pair of heels and you’re ready for a night on the town! 

    9. Don’t Be Afraid to Accessorize 

    Accessories are a great way for you to make your clothes work for your body shape. By just adding a waist belt to your tunic, you’re immediately enhancing that hourglass shape. Try out a chunky necklace to detract any unwanted attention and to pull your overall look together.

    accessories styling tips

    10. Wear the Right Underwear

    Wearing the right underwear is the number 1 rule of styling your leggings. Don’t run the risk of showy those pesky pant lines and ruining your whole outfit!

    Styling your leggings can take you from cute activewear to chic in no time. It’s all in how you pair your outfit with a confident attitude. After these styling tips, you can’t help but press “add to cart” on those extra pair of leggings!

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