7 First Time Mom Must Haves

Being a first time mom is an exciting time! You’re about to embark on your greatest adventure yet with years of happiness to follow. Until that time comes, being a first time mom means that you have a lot to prepare and organize.

As your to-do list may seem to grow and your shopping list may expand along with it, it can get overwhelming thinking about what you really need as a first time mom. Luckily, we have prepared our top 7 items to see you through this new and exciting period.

Our Top 7 First Time Mom Must Haves That You Really Need

A Baby Carrier

The moment when you become a mom, you will long for the days where you had 2 free hands available. Luckily, with the help of a baby carrier, this isn’t only a leisure that you remember fondly. Ask any mom you know, they will all tell you that you simply cannot do with a baby carrier in your new mom life.

Baby carriers give you the freedom to finish up your everyday tasks while still keeping your baby close. This hands-free babywear is bound to be any mom’s new best friend. With its help, you can enjoy going back to normal life with walks in the park, finishing up grocery shopping, and even getting back to the work you love.

Finding the right baby carrier can work wonders for you as you raise your new bundle of joy. However, it does take some research to find out which carrier is most comfortable for you.

Some moms may prefer the help from a sling as opposed to the traditional carrier shape. Slings can be softer and more comfortable to wear around the house. They are also more ideal for newborns. On the other hand, if you’re planning on going for walks or doing more demanding chores, a sturdier carrier comes highly recommended.

Baby carrier

A Stroller and Car Seat Combo

With a newborn, you may find that you’re constantly transferring it from the stroller to the car seat. Having a car seat that is equipped for your stroller will not only make your life easier as a new mom but it will be more cost effective too.

These days, car seats and strollers are often to be found as a pair. An added bonus is that due to the combo purchase, it’s often cheaper to buy the bundle deal instead of buying each item separately.

If that isn’t reason enough, just think of the time you will save from transferring your baby from seat to stroller! Even more so, imagine doing this while they’re sleeping. Remember, the number one rule of parenting is never to wake a sleeping baby! Having a car seat that is built for your stroller will ensure that their sleep time is never interrupted.

An Effective Breast Pump

True, the idea of putting on a suction pump may seem discouraging but it definitely will make your life easier. If you’re breastfeeding and going back to work, breast pumps will ensure that you won’t have any spillage issues and that your baby will still get the nutrients it needs.

Having a clogged duct is a pain that can be easily avoided with the use of a breast pump too. It’s always best to invest in the right nursing gear to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Mom holding baby

A Trendy and Practical Baby Bag

Just because you’re about to have a baby doesn’t mean that you have to lose your sense of personal style. Thankfully, baby bags are now being built for the modern woman who values their identity and inner fashionista. This means that you’re not only getting a practical baby bag with all of the bells and whistle but you are still able to feel your best even as a new mom.

When purchasing your baby bag, it’s important to look out for the following factors:

  • Storage
  • Bottle compartments
  • Overall style
  • Washability

A Well-Fitting Breastfeeding Pillow

For the future breastfeeding moms, this one’s for you. A breastfeeding pillow makes your journey as a new mom so much easier and offers many benefits to help you feel more confident within your breastfeeding journey.

Nursing pillows were designed for breastfeeding moms in mind. They help support your baby to help them achieve that perfect latch while reducing the chances of reflux. It will also be a great aid in building your baby’s muscles during tummy time.

Even if you’re not breastfeeding, these pillows are great for pre-birth support. As you progress in your pregnancy, you may start to notice an increasing difficulty in getting comfortable in bed. Using a breastfeeding pillow will ease any strain on your spine and make for a more peaceful night’s sleep.

Pregnant mom

Plenty of Teething Toys

One of the best teething toys out there that is well-loved by many moms and babies is Sophie the Giraffe. If you haven’t heard of Sophie, just about every mom blog and moms alike will recommend it and offer a raving review. 

This non-toxic toy has been designed to stimulate and soothe your baby’s gums in order to alleviate any discomfort they might be feeling. They are also an extremely sweet looking toy to add to your child’s collection!

Comfortable Leggings

Saving one of the most important first time mom must haves for last, you simply cannot do without your comfortable leggings. Leggings will give you the freedom and support you need straight from birth and into the newborn months. What’s even better is that aside from the pure comfort that they provide, they will also help you retain your sense of style too!

Filling your wardrobe with beautiful, trendy, and comfortable leggings will come in handy no matter what task you’ll be tackling throughout your day. The beauty of leggings is that they can easily be paired with a tunic, sneakers, and your baby bag to achieve a stylish look. They will help you feel back to your normal and confident self!

mom in leggings

Out of all the first time mom must haves, your comfort and confidence come first. Finding the tools and gear that can help you feel your best self and to help you take care of your baby is all that matters.

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