7 Reasons Women Are Ditching Their Other Leggings & Upgrading to oolala

With so many legging choices on the market, it can be hard to figure out what the deciding factor should be between choosing one or the other. Luckily for us, we are seeing more and more women upgrade from their usual leggings to our extraordinary leggings every day.

Between the transparent pricing and extremely flattering fit, it’s hard not to see why oolala is quickly becoming a favorite amongst our customers. After all, empowering women to feel their most confident and beautiful selves is what we strive for.

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7 Reasons Why Women Are Ditching Other Leggings and Leveling Up To oolala – and Why You Should Too!

  1. Versatile Style Options

Our leggings have been designed to ensure that no matter where you go or whichever activity you’re doing, your leggings are perfectly matched to suit your needs.

From bouncing between work, gym, and the occasional lunch date, you can wear oolala as pants for everything and every location. Our Fresh Print styles make for a great outfit choice paired with a tunic for a day out on the town. While our Yoga Band leggings provide you with optimal coverage during your workout.

With a style for every occasion,  all that there’s left to do is for you to make the tricky decision about which leggings you’ll be wearing today!

  1. Superior Comfort that Empowers How You Feel

There’s nothing better than feeling comfortable in the clothes you’re in. Our leggings bring satisfaction to all of the places you go to. No more constricting waistlines or scratchy material. Our leggings have been designed with superior comfort in mind, helping you stay confident throughout your day.

oolala’s main mission is to help empower women to enjoy each moment,  that’s why we always put our customers' happiness first in our designs. There’s nothing worse than having to constantly readjust loose waistbands or feel self-conscious in what you're wearing. With a pair of our leggings on, you can fully enjoy the moments that surround you while feeling completely confident.

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  1. Fabric that’s Built to Make You Feel Your Best

Our customers love how our leggings make them feel. That’s because, with every design we make, we ensure that our leggings work with your body.

All of our leggings are made out of 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex premium fabric that builds its shape around your perfect fit. Being engineered with FlexStretchTM & ButterflySoftTM technology, our leggings will feel like a second skin due to how perfectly they work with your figure.

Our FlexStretch™ technology has been designed to mold with your body and to highlight those gorgeous curves. This transformative technology allows the inseam/out-seam to stretch up to an additional 3 inches, finding the best shape for your body type. You’ll love how they make your leggings stay comfortable throughout the day while still making you feel your most confident self.

No more constantly readjusting your leggings as you go on with your daily activities. Our fabric has been built to ensure that they will fit firmly on your body without any slipping or peeling.  

Our ButterflySoft™ technology, on the other hand, ensures that your comfort comes first with its ultimate softness. Inspired by the silkiness of a butterfly’s wings, you may never get out of your leggings!

  1. Fashionable Designs for Every Type of Style

We know how important it is for you to be feeling your best no matter the occasion. That’s why we’ve made a point to create fashionable designs that are perfect for any kind of activity you may be finding yourself in.

Whether it’s work or play, we can guarantee that you’ll find the right print for the occasion. Our leggings come in a variety of prints that range from our classic monotones to more exciting geometric prints. This isn’t just helpful when it comes to finding a pair that best suits your personal style but it also helps you stay on-trend and fashionable.

When shopping with other leggings brands, you may feel underwhelmed at the available options. It tends to be the classic basics or bold prints. With us, it’s not a case of one or the other but rather a matter of finding which style will bring out your inner beauty the most!

After browsing through our choice of leggings, you won’t feel constricted to purchase a pair without falling in love with them first. With all that there’s to choose from, you will find a pair of leggings that works with your body type and your own personal style.

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  1. Limited Edition Prints

Not only do we have a variety of patterns on offer, but we also like to keep things fresh with limited edition prints. We are continually expanding and trying to keep our designs fresh in order to delight your style needs. WIth fresh new patterns unveiled every week, you’ll always have an array of current releases to choose from.   

  1. Guaranteed Happiness

We understand that online shopping can be a risk and might not be something that you’re completely at ease with. Finding your perfect fit, size, or style online doesn’t offer the same guarantee that you’d experience in-store.

As we strive to ensure that all of our customers are entirely happy with their purchases, we provide a 100% Comfy Guarantee. We’re that confident that you’ll love your leggings!

Unlike other legging brands, we only want you to feel your best and love your purchase as much as we do. If you’re not happy with your choice, we will refund your purchase.  

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  1. Affordable Leggings the Moment They’re Released

One of the main reasons women are opting for oolala leggings is for their incredible affordability. With prices ranging from $29 to $69, you can finally enjoy quality leggings without breaking the bank.

Our customers love how they don’t need to jeopardize their fashion choices for their quality or price. Our transparent pricing means that you won’t have to wait until we’ve dropped our prices, released discount codes or search for special offers. All of our Fresh Prints are released at 25% off before they’re increased to their full price.

What’s even better is that we offer free shipping on orders over $100.

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