5 Tips to Look Great and Get Ready in 20 Minutes or Less

When you’re on the go or running late, it can be challenging getting ready in such a short amount of time. If you’re looking for tips on how to get ready fast, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re battling the morning snooze or racing to a dinner date, time always seems to go by faster when you're in a rush. Getting ready in 20 minutes or less, at times, seems impossible. However, we’re here to tell you that it can be done and you won’t have to jeopardize a good outfit either.

Don’t let the clock stop you from leaving the house without feeling your most fabulous self!

putting makeup on

How to get ready fast and still look your best:

1. Check the Weather the Night Before

Have you ever sat on your bed thinking about how the weather is going to pan out for the day? If it’s going to be your favorite oolala leggings with a chunky knit, or a summer dress with a denim jacket kind of day?

Come on, we’ve all been there. We’ve all sat on the bed pondering the day away as the clock keeps ticking!

To shave a few minutes off of your time and to get ready without any hiccups, it helps to come prepared. Make sure to check the weather the night before and plan your outfit when you have a few minutes. This makes those wasted minutes wondering what’s best for the day much more efficient!

If you think the weather is a bit fickle, there’s no harm in double checking. Before getting ready, quickly check up on the weather to see that you’re still on track. This double check will prepare you if any adjustments will be needed.


2. Plan Your Outfit

After you’ve checked the weather, you can thoroughly prepare for the day to come. To maximize your time efficiency and how to get ready fast, try planning your outfit the night before too. This tip works seamlessly with our first suggestion and should be used together for maximum efficiency.

Your nighttime routine should look a little like this:

  • Check the weather
  • Plan what you should wear accordingly
  • Scroll through the oolala site one more time
  • Get that beauty rest in!

clothes hanging

Planning your outfit for the day to come will tremendously assist you in getting ready in 20 minutes or less. Go the extra mile by laying the items of clothing out too. That way, you won’t have to fuss around your closet trying to find that sweater that you actually wore last week and is in the laundry.

From earrings to shoes, plan every aspect of your look. Get them all set out and ready to go! Being prepared is key to getting ready quickly.

Pre-planning your outfit isn’t only beneficial for those sleepy mornings, they’re great for quick nighttime changes too.  If you know that you have plans for the night but minimal time to get ready, consider preparing your outfit the previous night. You will immediately take the stress out of figuring out how you can dress to impress!


3. Create Go-To Looks

Speaking of taking the stress out of getting ready, consider creating go-to looks that you know will always work. Having these outfit formulas are handy for when you’re in complete outfit inspiration despair.

Some days, your wardrobe just shouts “you have nothing to wear!”.  Well, developing a trusted outfit formula, you can trust that you have a classic look put together. 

Creating your go-to looks doesn’t have to be difficult either. The good news is that there are some pieces of clothing that were just made for each other. These pieces will forever pair well and you can never go wrong wearing them.

These fashion formulas will never disappoint:

  • Summer dress and a denim jacket
  • Dress pants and a smart blouse
  • High-waisted pants and a tucked in button-down shirt
  • Skinny jeans and a blazer
  • Boyfriend jeans and a t-shirt
  • Slip dress and a t-shirt

In short, a classic basic will forever pair well with a classic basic!


4. Organize Your Closet

Shave some minutes off of your getting ready time by staying organized. Your closet should be clearly laid out and neatly arranged for a speedy outfit change. An organized closet will be a dramatic help in getting your morning routine streamlined.

organized closet

Stop hunting for missing pieces of clothing or trying on outfit after outfit. Prepare your closet for success. Clear out the clothing that you no longer wear or no longer serve a purpose. These are only cluttering up your wardrobe and keeping you from reaching your key items.

Next, organize your clothes by function. Work clothes should go with work clothes, activewear with activewear, and sleepwear with sleepwear. Keep each section compartmentalized to avoid rifling through your clothes for those printed oolala leggings that pair perfectly with your new sneakers. Everything will be in its place for when you need to grab it and go.


5. Get to Know Your Basic Makeup Routine

To help you get ready faster, try allocating a makeup time limit. Set yourself a goal to do your hair and make in 5-10 minutes. That should be more than enough time to get your hair fluffed and skin primed.

Stay prepared by having your makeup look down to a T. Spend some time figuring out what colors look good on you, whether you prefer a base or a BB cream, and if you prefer a glossy lip or a bold lip.

Knowing what works for your skin and what makes you feel best is a sure way to help trim down the minutes. Try keeping all of your products together for a quick morning application.

makeup on a counter


By staying prepared you’ll never doubt any other methods on how to get ready fast. Don’t let your time management keep you from feeling your best. Maintain a streamlined routine to keep you looking fabulous and out the door in 20 minutes or less!

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