Athleisure Wear is In: Here's How You Pull it Off

You may have heard the word “athleisure” thrown around in blogs and fashion magazines, but how well are you pulling off one of 2019’s hottest trends? More than ever, the demand for athleisure wear is taking over the fashion world. People are loving the trendy yet comfortable style that this popular look gives them.

These days, your go-to leggings aren’t just for the gym. Worn correctly, you can take yourself from gym bunny to walking-the-streets-of-Milan-ready in seconds.

woman wearing shorts

What Exactly is Athleisure Wear?

If you’re unsure of what exactly this fashion trend entails, this one is for you. Athleisure is all about wearing casual clothing that creates a sporty look. These casual clothing items are usually made up of yoga leggings, sweat pants, sneakers, and even cycling shorts. 

People love the trend for its comfortable practicality. It has the perfect mix of relaxed-cool and fashion chicness. Long are the days of wearing tight and restricting items of clothing. Now, it’s all about feeling your best while looking your best!

How to Wear Athleisure 

1. Mix Sporty Pieces with Fashionable Accents

To truly perfect the athleisure style, you have to get the mix of sporty and fashionable down to a T. Always mix function with key style pieces. The functional aspect will keep your look comfortable but the style pieces will add an extra sense of pizzaz and refinement. 

Try blending your best staple fashion pieces with your activewear items. This could be pieces like your favorite jeans, your edgy leather jacket or even block heels with key activewear pieces like sneakers, leggings, or a trendy sports bra. The trick is to find activewear pieces that are sport-inspired but are still on-trend in the general sense of fashion.


2. Keep Your Look Appropriate

While we love the athleisure look, and more and more people are wearing their activewear around the office, it’s not always appropriate.

Like most fashion trends, there are a few regulations with athleisure wear. Take your gym attire out on the streets is perfect for when you’re running errands, jumping from appointments to a brunch date, and even for evening drinks. However, for the more formal occasions, we’d suggest dressing up in something less gym orientated.  

3. Have Fun with Interesting Materials

One of the best parts of this fashion trend is how much fun you can have with interesting materials. Your activewear pieces don’t just have to be limited to stretchy spandex. In fact, you can experiment with mesh panels, revealing slits and even faux leather. 

Faux leather leggings are perfect for creating a more formal athleisure look!

4. Start from the Bottom

To craft your runway-worthy style, always start at the bottom. Begin creating your look by picking your pair of trendy shoes and start building your look from there. 

Footwear is a huge focus for athleisure. Pairing a simple floral dress with sneakers immediately takes it from Pretty in Pink to Rebel with a Cause.  

We’d suggest stocking up on fashionable sneakers and sliders. Sliders are great for summer and they are super comfortable for when you’re running from the gym to brunch.

sneakers and a skirt outfit

5. Keep Your Look Pristine

Now, it’s important to establish that just because gym-inspired clothing is becoming the norm, doesn’t mean that you can wear that ratty t-shirt that’s strictly used for workouts. Remember, the focus is still on the fashion aspect of this trend.

You’d be surprised about how much dirty sneakers or seethrough leggings can totally derail your look. The condition of your clothes is vital to perfecting this trend. Keep things crisp and clean to show the crowds that you’re wearing activewear with style.

Take seethrough leggings, for example. Your overall style may be completely on point but the sheer aspect of the leggings completely detracts from your look. When trying on a new pair of leggings, take some time to make sure that your behind is covered.

6. Never Forget the Accessories

No look is complete without the perfect accessory.  Adding a few key pieces can automatically transform your normal day look to sporty-chic. It will also help add a touch your own personal style to this fun trend.

woman wearing aviator sunglasses

Pro tip: don’t overdo the accessories. Keeping things simple is best for athleisure. We love how adding a pair of aviator sunglasses, a stylish, leather backpack or a baseball cap can subtly transform an outfit.

Even your jewelry should be kept simple. If you’re up for it, hoop earrings or a funky chain necklace could be all that your look requires!

7. Go Full Tracksuit

Who doesn’t love a good tracksuit to lounge around in? These days, you can take your loungewear to outerwear with just a few adjustments.

Tracksuits and two-pieces are getting a lot of attention on the runways and in the fashion community. It seems that we’re constantly seeing more and more celebs rocking their own twist on the trend.

So, how can you wear this look for yourself? Stick to monochromatic pieces. If you’re feeling nervous, subtle colors such as black, gray or navy are great for keeping things sleek. If you are feeling up for the challenge, pairing printed leggings with a matching crop top and a denim jacket is a fun summer look for you to try.

tracksuit style

8. Top Off Your Look with Style

Now, we’ve covered a good portion of what you should do on the bottom half of your outfit, but what about the top? It’s simple - layers, layers, layers!

There are a few ways for you to add layers to your look:

  • Throw on a denim jacket or a bomber jacket over your t-shirt or tunic
  • Tie a shirt or jacket across your waist
  • Wear a statement crop top underneath a billowing tunic 

Not only is athleisure wear comfortable to wear, but it’s also easy to style!

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