How to Wear Leggings All Day and Get Away With It

Wearing leggings all day is completely acceptable in our books! Who wouldn’t want to feel comfortable and confident throughout their day? Wearing uncomfortable and scratchy jeans just don't have the same appeal as the soft, luxurious fabrics that you can expect from a good pair of leggings.


The key to wearing leggings all day and getting away with it is finding the appropriate accessories and clothing items to pair with your bottom half. Leggings are extremely versatile and when paired with the right accessory, you can completely transform your look.

So, if you’ve fallen in love with the comfort of leggings as much as we have, here are our tips on how to wear leggings all day and still look stylish!

How to Wear Leggings All Day and Still Look Your Best:

Take Your Leggings From the Gym to Work in Seconds:

If your day starts out with a trip to the gym or a relaxing yoga session, there’s no reason for you to change up your look as you head out to work. With the right leggings, you can look just as stylish as you’re running between the two.

To take your look from the gym to work, it’s best to pack a change of tops and shoes with you to your workout. As you’ve already got the bottom part of your look sorted, you will only have to worry about the minor details.

woman holding like a boss mug

If you have a formal office dress code:

For anyone who thinks leggings can’t be dressed up to suit a formal office, we’re here to prove you wrong!

When you swap out your trainers for a pair of kitten heels or some trendy knee-high boots, you’re already elevating your look past gym-time chic. A longer length blouse or shirt goes perfectly with this look and can be neatened up further by adding a smart blazer to your outfit.

If you have a relaxed office dress code:

The greatest characteristic we love about leggings is how stylishly they can be worn. If your office welcomes a more relaxed atmosphere, taking your leggings from the gym to work is a breeze!

Instead of opting for a heel as you would with a more formal look, you can even keep your trainers on to achieve an athleisure feel to your outfit. Then, try pairing your leggings with a denim or white shirt that adds some length over your leggings to complete your look. The longer length top style comes highly recommended to make your leggings work-appropriate.

The best part about these office-chic looks is that they can easily be worn out to lunch too! Based on how confident and stylish you feel, no one will ever know that just a few hours ago you were working out.

Look Fabulous While Running Errands:

If you find yourself in between errands for the whole day, leggings make for the perfect busy-body attire. The stretch material won’t restrict your movement and will leave you feeling confident in your outfit all day long.

If you’re looking for ways on how to wear leggings while running errands, our best tip would be to keep it casual. Depending on your personal style, make your leggings the base of your outfit. Whether you’re daring to be bold with a fun printed style, or keeping to classic with a monochrome look, your leggings should be the focal point of your outfit.

We all know how busy life can be when you’re ticking off your to-do list, that’s why we think leggings were made for such a chore! The soft fabric that securely supports you and allows you to feel your best is exactly what we love about leggings. Let your inner radiance shine all day long by wearing your leggings with a basic tunic, a denim jacket and sandals. If you will be on your feet all day, it’s best to wear shoes that are optimal for comfort.



Sneakers and leggings


These outfit options are perfectly suitable to make you feel your best while out amongst the crowds and you may even have a few heads turning based on how stylish you look. If you know that lunch is on the agenda for your day, it’s best to add some fun accessories to your outfit. A tote bag and fashionable earrings make for the perfect accompaniment to your leggings.

Dazzle the Crowds at After Work Drinks:

After a long day at the office, it’s only fitting to reward yourself with some much deserved fun time! A night out is the perfect remedy to a stressful day or even a delicious dinner will do wonders for the soul.

If you don’t have time to go home and do a full outfit change, never fear because your leggings are well equipped for the job. To make your leggings nighttime ready, most of the time it takes a swap out of footwear and a quick application of lipstick.

Before you dash out the door, make sure to grab your favorite pointed-toe heels, your trusty black blazer, and a statement necklace before you leave. These few accessories will elevate your look to an outfit that’s ready to turn heads.


On the makeup front, if you’re looking for a quick and easy touch-up, we love a red lip for nighttime fun. A classic red lipstick is any woman’s best friend in terms of getting them ready for a date night or some drinks with their girlfriends. The best part about this makeup must-have is that you won’t need to worry about your eye makeup either as a few coats of mascara will do the job perfectly.

If you do, however, have the time to prepare for a night out, it’s best to assess your outfit from the get-go. Before getting dressed for the day, make sure to wear your smartest pair of leggings that you know will make you feel your most confident self. We highly recommend leather-look leggings or printed leggings for a night out.

When it comes down to it, how to wear leggings all day comes down to your level of preparedness. Planning your outfit ahead of time will ensure that no matter gets thrown your way throughout the day, you will always feel confident and comfortable.

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