Goodbye Maternity Pants & Hello oolala's: Look Stylish and Feel Comfy While Pregnant

Being pregnant is a beautiful experience to go through with much to look forward to. However, as your bump grows so will your need to turn to maternity clothes.

At oolala we’re all about inspiring women to feel their best and letting their inner radiance glow. This is even more so for the pregnant mamas out there who are looking for the perfect balance between style and comfort. You will find that with the right pair of oolala leggings, you will be saying goodbye to your maternity pants in no time!

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Why Women Are Choosing oolala Leggings Over Maternity Pants:

Maternity pants are extremely helpful in aiding your growing body. Unfortunately, they do offer some downsides too. Not all maternity pants offer new moms the level of style that they once had or practicality that they once sought after. While you may be feeling that pregnant glow, it’s important that your choice of maternity outfits does too!

A large part of bringing out your inner radiance is being confident in what you’re wearing. Your outfits make up a large portion of your unique identity and can determine how you interact with your day-to-day tasks. Both of these reasons underpin why women are loving wearing their oolala leggings throughout their pregnancy. Our leggings allow future moms to be completely confident in their outfit without being restricted by uncomfortable pregnancy bands or a lack of style.

It’s undeniable that moms-to-be love wearing their oolala leggings for their style and luxurious material. Our FlexStretch™ technology is the perfect solution to your growing body and transforming curves. By keeping your comfort and confidence as our top priority, all of our leggings have been designed to work with your body to bring you to complete peace with your outfit choice.


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On top of our leggings’ ability to move with your body, the superior luxury material will feel like butter against your skin. As a pregnant woman, you may notice that your body is more sensitive in places than it was before. Our ButterflySoft ™ technology was inspired by the silkiness that you can feel on a butterfly’s wing. This means that your oolala leggings will offer you nothing but ultimate softness and decadent comfort. In maternity clothing, this is a feature that’s hard to come by!

Not only do oolala leggings make for comfortable maternity pants but they will still allow you to stay true to your style identity. At times, maternity clothing may be limited with prints and shapes that let you stay true to who you are. With our continually expanding variety of prints, we are designing leggings for every kind of woman. This means that you can find pieces of clothing that are unique to your identity and that brings out your beauty.

Combining the worlds of comfort and style, your next 9 months will be nothing short of a fashionable breeze!

Amazing Maternity Outfits to See You Through Your 9 Months:

While it’s clear to see why women love oolala leggings so much for their pregnancy journey, here are a few outfit tips to get you feeling inspired. From summer to winter, we will cover every way for you to wear your leggings while still looking stylish and feeling comfortable. With our help, your radiant pregnancy glow just got a little brighter!

For Spring & Summer:

Spring and summer is a fantastic time to bring out the bold prints and statement colors. As the weather starts to warm up, the number of clothes you wear will lessen.

For your leggings, this means that you have the opportunity to really start experimenting with your baby bump. Start to work with what looks good on you and focus on how you can create outfits that make you feel your best. With the temperature rising, it’s important to keep yourself cool and comfortable at all costs, especially if you’re nearing the end of your pregnancy.

Our best summer outfit recommendation is to keep things simple. Let your leggings do the talking by opting for a fun print and bold color. If this tickles your fancy, it’s best to pair your stylish leggings with a more subtle color for the top. A longer length tank is perfect to keep you cool and stylish at the same time.

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You can also try wearing your leggings with one of your favorite dresses. Dresses are a summer staple and go wonderfully with a good pair of leggings. While the dress will keep your body temperature down, your leggings will give you an extra level of support you may find you need with your baby belly.

When it comes to your shoe choices, a pair of sandals are the perfect addition to your warmer months. These can be easily slipped on and off while providing you with enough space as your feet may begin to swell.

For Fall & Winter:

When the temperatures drop, you know it’s time to call on your trusted leggings! There’s no better time than to bask in the complete comfort that leggings provide than during fall and winter.

If you’re looking forward to cozy nights in with a blanket and a good movie, you can still look stylish while wearing leggings. Black leggings are effortlessly chic with their classic appeal. Pairing your black leggings with a chunky knit and some fluffy socks sounds like a match made in heaven!

For a more formal look, your baby bump will look stunning in a pair of leggings, boots, and a shirt. You can add some accessories to compliment your style such as a printed scarf, statement earing, or a bold necklace. A bomber jacket or peacoat will go wonderfully too.

To keep your feet warm, you can try wearing just about any kind of boot with your leggings. For the best shoes to wear with leggings, you can read our article here to help you find the best fit.

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When it comes down to it, leggings make up a good base for your maternity outfits. They are versatile, comfortable and incredibly stylish that will help you feel confident as you go along your pregnancy. With all of the benefits they bring, you too will soon be swapping out your maternity pants for a pair of oolala leggings!

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