Must-Haves for Yoga Enthusiasts

It’s no secret that an amazing yoga flow can do wonders for the mind and body. Spending the time to connect with your breath and flex out those stiff muscles has endless benefits to your health. It’s hard not to see why so many people make yoga their exercise of choice!

While yoga is all about simplicity and using the power of your body, there are a few tools that will help boost your flow. If you consider yourself a yoga enthusiast or even an aspiring yogi, you simply can’t do without these yoga essentials.

9 Yoga Essentials That You Need

  1. Yoga Leggings

Your yoga session isn’t complete without a handy pair of leggings. Leggings have been a long-standing favorite amongst the exercise community and especially for seasoned yogis.

Yoga pose

Leggings are great for 2 reasons - they move with your body and they feel fantastic in any pose. This makes it super handy for when you’re transitioning from that downward dog to your crows pose and even when you’re winding down in a corpse pose.

When picking out your yoga leggings, we’d highly recommend investing in a pair with a yoga band. It will give you an extra level of support and comfort while still providing you with maximum coverage as you bend and stretch.

You can shop our best selling yoga band leggings here. They come in a lovely range of colors and prints as well as styles to suit your preferences.


2. Yoga Mat

If you consider yourself to be a yoga regular, it’s important to invest in a good yoga mat. The chances are that most of your sessions will be done on the mat so you should choose one with durable qualities.

These days, you can get a variety of different yoga mats but the focus isn’t always on the quality. As a yoga enthusiast, you should look at the quality above anything else. Cheaper mats will often crumble after use and may even begin to lose their grip. 

The benefits of including a yoga mat into your yoga practice are bountiful. Irrespective of your surface, the mat will help provide you with extra support and safety as you move through your flow.

Yoga pose on yoga mat

3. A Comfortable Tank Top

Part of your yoga essentials should be a comfortable and supportive tank top. It won’t just add a finishing touch to your exercise attire but it will prevent any slips or unfolds from occurring. We all know what a few minutes in a downward dog can do once the effects of gravity kick in!

4. Mat Towel

If you prefer your yoga routine to be somewhat more labor intensive or a bit more heated, a mat towel is essential. Anyone who has tried hot yoga will tell you that the amount of sweat you drip is real and trust us, you will need a good toweling during your practice. Even a good vinyasa flow can get the sweat glands going!

Mat towels are perfect for preventing any slips and skids from happening as your body temperature rises. As your hands get sweatier, the mat’s non-slip resistance becomes less and less effective. Make sure to keep your eye out for a mat towel that dries quickly, is easy to pack and that’s super absorptive.

5. Practical and Stylish Tote Bag

With all of these yoga tools, having a go-to tote will come in handy when it comes to storage. A good duffle bag is a necessity if you’re running from the office to your favorite yoga session.

With a tote bag, you can easily store your yoga attire and extra equipment when you're on the go. No more cursing about the fact that you left your best yoga block at home!   

Tote gym bag

6. Yoga Blanket

Restorative poses are key to a good yoga practice. It’s important to take the time to quiet the mind and let your body catch up with your day’s activities. Yoga blankets are fantastic to warm and support you while you’re in this state of meditation.

Not only do they feel great when you’re using them in corpse pose, but you can also easily fold them up for additional support during active poses too. If you have tight hips, you might want to consider using a folded blanket for additional height. This will help make the posture more comfortable on your lower back. You could also try placing the rolled up blanket under your back for a good release.

7. Yoga Blocks

As an experienced yogi or an aspiring yogi, you’ll know the power that yoga blocks bring to your flow. They are one of the most well-known yoga props that help aid yogis and beginners in their early stages. If you haven’t quite developed your desired level of flexibility, these are a must.

The main aim of using yoga blocks is to help you find more freedom within your challenging poses. They help lengthen the spine and can give you an extra push to help open your chest or extend over your feet.

yoga blocks

8. Exercise Straps

Just like yoga blocks, exercise straps come highly recommended for those who are just starting out. Using exercise straps will deepen your yoga poses when you can’t reach or angle your body to grab your limbs.

They can help lengthen the spine and your limbs as you enter your yoga extensions. All you have to do is make a loop for your hands and place the strap over the limb that needs a little help in reaching.

9. Essential Oils

Essential oils are having a big moment in 2019. People are loving them for their different health and healing properties. They smell divine too!

For your yoga practice, we’d highly recommend burning your preferred essential oil for an extra sense of zen. If you’re looking to promote peace and calm during your meditation sessions, we’d highly recommend Frankincense oil. To help reduce any tension in the body, try a Ylang-Ylang oil 

essential oils burner

After a few sessions of using these yoga essentials, you’ll wonder how you ever did without them in the first place!

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