Styling Tips To Take Your Leggings From Day To Night

Wearing leggings as pants has become a widely accepted fashion phenomenon amongst the masses and for good reason too! Leggings are comfortable, stylish, and incredibly flattering to fit anyone’s shape. Most importantly, they’re the ideal accompaniment to take your outfit from day to night in a few quick changes. 

With these fabulous styling tips, you will be able to wear your favorite pair of leggings all day long. What’s best about these styling tips is that they only take a few quick seconds to get you ready. Whether it’s a makeup touchup or swapping out your shoes, you won’t have to spend hours perfecting your look. 

Without much further ado, let’s explore the wonderful ways for you to take your leggings from day to night that leave you feeling your best! 

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Our Top Styling Tips for Wearing Your Leggings All Day Long: 

Be Smart with Your Legging Choice

One of the best styling tips we could ever give you is to make sure you’re creating a solid base for your outfit with the correct choice of leggings. Show off your amazing legs with leggings that can easily be worn throughout the day.

When you choose to wear your leggings the whole day it means that you have to feel comfortable in your choice. Comfort is key if you’re planning on feeling your best all day long! As the saying goes, “confidence is beautiful”.

It's for this exact reason that we ensure to design our leggings with our customers’ comfort and confidence at the core. Finding leggings that flatter your shape and work with your body doesn’t just make you look good but it can help you feel your best too. With the right leggings, you will be left feeling your most radiant self all day long.


Color Co-Ordinate Your Outfit

A great way to transition your outfit from day to night is to color coordinate your pieces for your activities. 

For a more formal ensemble, try crafting a suit-like outfit with the help of matching colors. This suit-like appearance can be achieved by matching your jacket to your leggings. By doing so, you’re creating a streamlined figure that accentuates your shape in the best way possible! It will also elevate your outfit to a much more smarter appearance which makes it great for a night out on the town. 

Our next top styling tip would be to invest in a classic blazer. Blazers never go out of style and make for a wonderful addition to any closet for its timeless appeal. They also work wonders in terms of taking your leggings from a day of running errands to nighttime fun. 

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If you’re daring to be on the bolder side, try wearing your printed leggings with a muted tunic and simple accessories. Our Fresh Print leggings are perfect for making a splash in your day while still being an amazing match for your night out. Just think how incredible you’d look and feel in our Pink Cheetah leggings while wearing a classic black blazer and a plain shirt! 


Spruce Up Your Look with Accessories 

The simplest and fastest way to take your leggings from day to night is to utilize your accessories. Adding the right necklace or clutch instantly reconstructs your entire look and will help make you feel confident as you enjoy a night out. 

If you prefer to keep your accessories to a minimum, we would recommend focusing on one item. This one item should be ready to make a statement and really tie your look together. Adding a chunky necklace to your black leggings and tunic will create the perfect amount of dazzle for your outfit. You can also try wearing drop earrings or even a crossbody clutch to keep your goodies in throughout the night. 


Let Your Shoes Do the Talking

There’s a reason that there are so many odes, tv shows, and movies dedicated to the love of shoes - they hold all of your outfit’s power! Whether you’re wearing your fanciest heels or keeping it casual with a comfortable pair of sneakers, it’s undeniable that shoes can quickly transform your entire look. 

If you’re looking for a quick switch between a day at the office to finally getting to dine at that new fancy restaurant, we recommend looking at your shoes. As you prepare your outfit for your full day ahead, make sure to throw in a pair of your stylish heels or even thigh-high boots into your bag. When you’re ready to leave for your nighttime activities, all it will take is a change of shoes. It’s that easy! 


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Have Fun with Your Makeup 

A quick and easy way to take your leggings from day to night is to make the most of your makeup. While your clothing may create the bulk of your outfit, your makeup has the ability to add the final touches of finesse to your night out. 

If you’re planning on wearing your outfit the whole day with little time to do a huge outfit change, it’s important that you have the makeup basics down. A good base, mascara, eyeliner, and a bold lip color is all you need to get you ready for your evening adventures. 


Keep it Classic with Neutral Tones

A large part of getting your daytime outfit ready for a night out is to asses your foundation. If you’re planning on wearing your leggings all day long, it’s best to keep your color palette neutral or stick to your fan-favorite black pair. 

When you wear printed leggings, it gets trickier to pair your bottom half with the rest of the outfit which may become challenging if you’re in a rush to get out the door. It particularly becomes difficult if your printed leggings have a clear daytime feel to them. That’s why we suggest investing in a good pair of black leggings like our Solid Black pair, for example. 

Black leggings are a fantastic staple to your wardrobe as they go with everything! 

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With these simple styling tips, now there’s no excuse not to wear your favorite leggings all-day! 

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