How to Wear Printed Leggings for Summer

Prints and athleisure are big trends for this season and they might just be the answer to your go-to summer leggings outfits. Combining the worlds of prints and athleisure is a sure way to wow the crowd with your fashion knowledge while still looking fabulous.  

With the rise in popularity for activewear as outerwear, you can now wear your favorite leggings all day long. Don’t let the warmer weather fool you, there are many ways for you to wear leggings as it’s heating up. Just remember, it’s all in the styling and how you wear the most important accessory of all - your confidence.

Prepare to look chic and stylish with our top styling tips on how to wear printed leggings in summer.

Best Ways to Style Your Summer Leggings Outfits

Choose a Print that Works for You

Before you even consider styling your printed leggings, it’s good to start by figuring out which print works for you. Every type of print has its pros and cons that can either help accentuate your figure or distract from it.  We’d recommend choosing a print that makes you feel your best by making you look your best.

If you aren’t keen on displaying your lumps and bumps, it’s best to go with a more subtle print. Subtle prints will help mask any unwanted areas by not drawing too much attention to them. Wider prints and horizontal stripes may make these areas seem wider and more prominent.

hanging clothing

Choosing prints in a darker tone will create a slimmer illusion. If you’re looking for such an effect, try wearing darker printed leggings for summer.

Keep Cool with a Crop Top

To make your summer leggings really pop with style, pair them with a crop top. Crop tops and leggings go together like Kim and Kayne - they just work.

This tip works best if you’re wearing high-waisted leggings. The high-waisted style elongates your legs and hugs your figure in the right places.

matching printed leggings

Whether you’re going to the gym or running errands, the trendy crop top will give a little edge to your outfit. This styling tip goes especially well if your crop top matches the bottom print. If things get a little chilly, you can add a cropped sweater to your look and really amp up your activewear-chic look.

Balance the Bold

When wearing any type of print, it’s important to balance them out with solid colors. For that effortless summer look, we’d recommend a simple white t-shirt or even a linen shirt.

The solid color will pull your whole look together and create a more timeless feel to your outfit.  You could try pairing your printed leggings with a summer blouse to make the look more streetwear ready.

If you do decide to wear print on print, find ones that work together. It’s best that these prints match to create a finished look. However, it’s perfectly acceptable to go a step further and work with different patterns. We’d recommend choosing complimentary patterns such as fun leopard print leggings with a minimal horizontal stripe top.

Go for Denim

Denim is a summer must-have and can practically work with any outfit. Your printed leggings would look wonderful with a buttoned-down chambray shirt or a casual denim jacket.

Wearing a chambray shirt is perfect for the casual yet cool style that we see fashionistas like Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid wearing. The subtle color works as the perfect balance to any kind of pattern and is a fits right at home in your wardrobe. You can wear this shirt as is or over a simple t-shirt.

denim jacket

A denim jacket, on the other hand, is equally a wardrobe essential. Throw a denim jacket over your shoulders or around your waist for a very cool, streetwear feel. Plus, a good denim jacket will see you through every season all year round.

Add a Little Length

If you’re wanting to reduce the risk of looking a little overexposed, adding length to your outfit is key. A longer tank or a cardigan were practically made for leggings!

Wearing printed leggings for summer doesn’t have to be a daring look. Adding length to your look will help subdue the print while covering up the right spots. If you pair your high waisted leggings with a longer tank, we’d recommend casually tucking in the bit at the front of your top. This will elongate your leggings and accentuate your waistline.

Use a longer length cardigan or vest to help minimize exposure and help keep you warm as the night rolls in. We love a long cardigan paired with a matching print crop and leggings.

Aside from tops and cardigans, it wouldn’t be summer if you didn’t consider pairing your leggings with a dress. We love how printed leggings look under a flowy white dress or a button-down, maxi.

Take a Risk with Your Capris

This summer, don’t leave your capris leggings for the gym. It’s time to take them out for a spin on the town!

Printed capris are in high demand this season. Try opting for a shorter length capris to really stay on-trend. You can pair your printed capris with a crop top, an oversized t-shirt, or a button-down shirt.

Get Some Height

For some, printed leggings may be scary. It’s true that some prints can draw attention to your legs and create a shorter shape. However, this can be quickly and easily counter-acted. It’s all about working with what you’ve got!

The first step would be to opt for a high-waisted legging. The high-waisted style automatically elongates your bottom half.

Secondly, pair your printed leggings with the right shoes. Your shoe choice has a big effect on how tall or short your outfit will make you seem.

peach sneakers

Try shoes that:

  • Are the same color as your leggings
  • Have a platform to them
  • Don’t clash with your print

With these tips, your summer leggings outfits are ready to take the world by storm!

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