The Next Big Thing in Legging Styles

2022: the year of leggings! With all the wonderful and gorgeous styles out there, it’s no wonder that we’re seeing more people give leggings the love they deserve. Instead of leaving your leggings for comfy days or for a trip to the gym, women are making the move to include them as an everyday wardrobe staple too. And we don’t blame them!

Leggings are extremely flattering and stylish. They can be styled up or worn to suit your on-the-go activities. No matter how you wear them, they are one of those pieces of clothing that always look good and make you feel your best!

One of the best things we love about leggings is that they’re constantly changing with the trends. This means that no matter how you wear your leggings, you’re always elevating your look to help you feel your most wonderful self.


 In the past few years, we've seen a few adaptions of how to wear leggings and there are more changes underway. So, what’s the next big thing in leggings and how can you start preparing your wardrobe? Let’s find out!


woman wearing leggings


Upcoming Leggings Styles in Fashion

If you fancy yourself as a fashionista or simply love how you feel when you’re looking your best (who doesn’t?), it’s important to stay up to date with the latest style trends. To help you prepare for the upcoming year or to help you narrow down your next purchase, here are the styles you should be keeping an eye out for.

Mesh Leggings

If you haven’t already seen the mesh leggings trend slowly creep its way in, you may start to! You may have even seen the likes of Bella Hadid and Kate Hudson donning the athleisure-chic item.

Mesh leggings are a fan favorite when it comes to the next big thing in legging styles. This fun new trend adds an edgy look to your outfit and people are loving it for this very reason. The mesh look is perfect for summer as it allows you to show a little bit more skin but in a much more subtle way.

This peek-a-boo style doesn’t just look good but it will make a huge difference in your workout too. If you’re wearing your mesh leggings to the gym, the cut-out panel will enhance your leggings' breathability while still helping you feel your most confident self. 

Bold Colors

Just because leggings make up a large part of your wardrobe staples doesn’t mean that you can’t be a little daring with them. Neon colors are the future of leggings with more and more designers including these bold shades into their creations.

If you’re looking to make your leggings the key item to your outfit, it’s bold colors all the way! To wear this fresh new trend, it’s best to balance the bold with a more neutral piece. We'd recommend wearing a white tunic over your leggings or even a linen shirt would look lovely for when you’re popping off to brunch.


woman wearing solid color leggings


Nothing but Neutrals

If bold colors aren’t for you, never fear because the neutral look isn’t going anywhere. A particular neutral shade is, however, standing out in popularity. If you really want to stay abreast of the trends, make sure to include beautifully soft pastel colors into your wardrobe.

With a more neutral palette, you have the leeway to really amp up your look with great accessories and patterned tops.

Striking Stripes

As you may know, the 90s are having their moment in the fashion world and this includes the future of your leggings! Mimicking the likes of the popular 90s Adidas track pants, the 3 stripe side panel look is back.

Putting a twist on this classic look, we’re seeing this style being adapted to modern times. This means that you will start to see your favorite printed leggings now with a side stripe detailing or mixed with other popular trends like mesh paneling. One thing is for sure, wearing striped leggings is an easy way to achieve that lust-worthy athleisure look!

Plenty of Patterns

Wearing patterns is a great way to express your personal sense of style. Luckily, you can start using your leggings to do so! No longer will you be constrained to the likes of monotone leggings. Now’s your chance to spruce up your look with fresh and exciting florals, stripes, polka dots, and many other prints.

One pattern to take particular notice of is the utilitarian print. This military-inspired trend is taking the world of fashion by storm and it’s slowly infiltrating the way we will be wearing our leggings too. Expect to see more camo prints in a variety of colors from subtle greens to neon pinks.

Higher the Better Waists

In previous years, we were introduced to leggings with a hipster fit. Now, we’re seeing a move toward a higher waist which works wonders for coverage and comfort levels.  

Have you ever worn a pair of leggings to your yoga class and have had to keep on adjusting them as you go? Well, with higher waisted pairs, this will be a problem of the past! Just try out our Yoga Band leggings and see for yourself!


Even if you don’t plan on wearing leggings to your workouts, the higher waist style makes for a more elongated shape and works wonders for your body.

high waist yoga leggings

⅞ Length

One last trend to keep your eye out for is ⅞ length leggings. This shorter legging length is hot on the heels of the ankle grazer trend. Instead of opting for a full length, the ⅞ length makes for a much more attractive legging style especially when you’re taking your leggings from workout to lunch.

The shorter length makes it easier to style your leggings for everyday activities. They look great with sandals and sneakers, and they even feel less restrictive too.


In the world of fashion, the trends are forever changing. With these 7 legging styles, you’ll be looking and feeling your best for years to come!

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