Will Leggings Ever Rule the World?

Despite the constant changes in fashion, one trend has remained the same: the love of leggings. The truth is, more people are realizing the wonders that come with wearing leggings as pants every day. Leggings aren’t just what comfort dreams are made of but they’re incredibly stylish too! They make for the perfect wardrobe staple for any woman’s closet.

It’s undeniable that leggings are essential for effortless style and comfort. People love wearing leggings for their ability to fit into their lifestyle no matter what they’re doing. This is especially true with oolala leggings. We design leggings for all of lives moments to ensure that you look and feel your best. With our wide variety of styles and prints, it’s no wonder that leggings are taking over the world.


woman wearing leggings as pants


Although women love wearing leggings, there’s still some debate on whether it’s appropriate to wear leggings as pants. Well, we’re here to say that not only are they appropriate but they come highly recommended too! Unfortunately, when people think of wearing leggings, they only see them for their luxurious comfort. While comfort is a huge bonus of wearing leggings, you can’t deny their element of style. For those who aren’t convinced clearly haven’t been wearing the right type of leggings!

Leggings have the power to shape your body in extremely flattering ways, support your figure whether you’re running chores or at the gym, and they provide an extra level of style to your look. At the end of the day, wearing the right leggings can make you feel your best and give you the confidence to enjoy every moment.

If leggings weren’t supposed to rule the world, we wouldn’t see them popping up in trends over and over again! In the 60s, people were loving their leggings for their disco flare. Today, we see leggings being worn in versatile ways with very different takes on fashion. From under lovely summer dress, to being the star of the show, leggings are everywhere you look.

There are many reasons why woman love wearing their leggings and we love seeing our customers feeling their best in their oolala leggings! Here are just some of the highlights that you can expect from adding leggings as a closet staple.

Why More and More People are Wearing Leggings as Pants:


Who doesn’t love feeling their best in their outfit? One of the most wonderful things you can experience when wearing leggings as pants are their true element of comfort.

hiking in leggings

Comfort is one of the key aspects to help you make you feel confident in your outfit and help you enjoy the moments that surround you. Wearing gorgeous leggings will not just help you feel your best but you will look your greatest too!

Most leggings offer enough stretch and elasticity to help mold the fabric to your shape. This means that you won’t have any uncomfortable seams or bulging buttons poking and prodding you throughout your day. What makes our leggings extra special is that they’ve been designed with a non-slip, non-rise material that helps keep your pants in place. This means that you won’t have to be constantly adjusting your clothing like you would in a pair of jeans.

Let’s be honest, the better you feel in your outfit and the more confident you are in what you’re wearing, and the more your beauty will shine! That feeling of complete satisfaction will beam across your face as you tackle your day in a good pair of leggings.


If the comfort that comes with wearing leggings doesn’t convince you that leggings are starting to rule the world, then perhaps the style element will! It’s not often that you see a piece of clothing being comfortable and stylish at the same time. Thankfully, leggings do both of these aspects wonderfully and truly are designed to help elevate your look to a new level of style.


women wearing leggings


One of the best style accessories a woman could wear is her sense of confidence and that extra radiance that comes from feeling your best. Women are loving how easy it is to throw on a pair of leggings, a complimentary tunic, and a jacket to have a complete, put together look. The effortless appeal of leggings is indisputably a core benefit to wearing them. Leggings pair well with just about any piece of clothing!  


The way in which leggings can be worn for any outfit and for any occasion, it’s hard not to see why they’re going to rule the world. There’s no occasion where wearing leggings won’t be suitable! Leggings come in many shapes and sizes which means that you’re bound to find a pair to suit your choice of fashion.

With all of the versatile styles, shapes, and colors available, you can easily transition from day to night. Take your classic black leggings, for example. This wardrobe staples can be worn with just about anything! If you’re taking your look from office-chic to a nighttime dazzle, sometimes, all it takes is a change of shoes.

You can wear your leggings with sneakers and a longer length, button-up shirt for the office. When you’re ready to go out on the town, swap out your sneakers for a pair of stylish heels. Add some earrings and a statement purse, et voila! You are nighttime-ready in seconds.


high heels

Another reason to love leggings is that they don’t just come in one style. You have the option of playing with daring prints, classic basics, and even different materials. We love a leather-look pair to achieve that smarter, edgier look for a more nightlife feel. On the other hand, a printed pair makes for a great workout look!

So, will leggings ever rule the world? It’s an undeniable yes from us! Trust us, the moment that you put on a pair of leggings that are made with only the softest materials and most flattering patterns, you’ll never go back.

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