Plus Size Women Changing How We Think About Fashion and Body Image

For years it was thought that when it comes to fashion that women who had curves and a shapely figure weren’t the ones to spend money on clothes. As a result, plus size fashion was often left with shapeless garments that didn’t work with different women’s beautiful shapes.

Thankfully, times are a changing and we couldn’t be happier to see more and more designers embrace the wonders of plus size curves. Without the help of the following trailblazing, plus size women, this wouldn’t be possible. With the likes of Ashley Graham and Chrissy Metz growing in celebrity, they are using their very public platform for an incredible cause. The cause being promoting a glowing body image no matter your shape or size.

Women like this are using their voices to educate and promote the truth behind that every body is beautiful. They inspire us to feel comfortable within our own skin and prove that fashion can be crafted to flatter their curves too. From runways to movie screens, these incredible women are truly changing the plus size fashion industry for the better!

Plus size fashion

3 Women We Love in Plus Size Fashion:

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham has almost been somewhat of an icon in plus size fashion. After being told that she’d never walk the runways of the elite fashion weeks, she is now a household name amongst many prestigious fashion houses. In fact, you may have even seen her on the runways of Michale Kors and Dolce & Gabanna. Both of which have been known to keep their runways for the “traditional” model shape.

If you haven’t heard of Ashley Graham before, you may have guessed that she is a supermodel who is dominating the fashion game. People are loving her for her authentic beauty, confidence, and stellar catwalk presence. For so long, we have only seen women of a certain size grace our TVs and magazines. Since Ashley Graham has entered our lives, she has opened up the space for a more inclusive and diverse fashion industry.

Why She Inspires Us:

The main inspirational point that Ashley Graham brings to women is that she’s finally representing a body shape that is more typical for other women to see and relate to. Since she’s stepped onto the scene, Ashley Graham has bulldozered the fashion industry ideals with her openness for size inclusivity and breaking down the traditional stereotypes of beauty.

This supermodel is paving the way for designers to create flattering shapes and accentuating pieces of clothing for plus size women to finally enjoy. Even the likes of Cristian Siriano is following suit to create beautiful and delicate designs to fit every woman of all sizes.


Moving towards a very different stage, singer and artist, Lizzo is currently facing some major spotlight. With the release of her third album, Cuz I Love You, she has encouraged many women to belt out her self-love anthems and instil a sense of confidence within all they do.

While other tracks that have a similar title sentiment, Lizzo’s one track titled Soulmate, just goes to show how this plus size woman is encouraging women to love themselves first. Instead of a love ballad dedicated to a partner, Lizzo song almost emulates as an ode to her most important soulmate: herself.

Woman in leotard

Empowering songs aside, Lizzo isn’t only changing the fashion industry with her celebrity status but she is showing women that they too can wear sexy and fabulous outfits regardless of their size. There’s nothing better than feeling your most confident and beautiful self. Lizzo goes to show that despite what the fashion industry tells us, you too can wear whatever you like as long as you feel comfortable.

Why She Inspires Us:

It’s not too often that we see a plus size woman strutting her stuff confidently and awe-inspiringly as Lizzo does. This confidence isn’t just reserved for the stage either. Recently, Lizzo called out all of the size discriminating designers who won’t dress her. This sentiment only compliments her own mantra of not needing someone else to tell her when she looks good - something that all women can relate to.


With Lizzo’s growing celebrity and loud body-positivity, she inspires us to feel love ourselves and feel our best no matter what. As she brings more voice to the plus size fashion industry, more and more designers are opening up the size charts to a more inclusive range.

Chrissy Metz

You may recognize Chrissy Metz through your tears while watching This is Us. This powerhouse actress proves to be exactly what the silver screen has been looking for with her undoubted talent and voice for body-positivity.


Not only is Chrissy Metz bringing a powerful performance to just about every scene in This is Us but she is also using her platform to bring light to the problems that plus size women face.

Woman on lake

Why She Inspires Us:

The main characteristic of Chrissy Metz that truly inspires us is her complete honesty. At all times she has been honest about what it was like for her to grow up as a plus size teen. Through bullying to navigating her way around her new found fame, she’s always open about how the experience has been for her.

This type of voice is extremely important to bringing focus on the struggles plus size women face. Not only this but she proves that your body image doesn’t define who you are. Just because she doesn’t fit into a certain ideal or shape doesn’t mean that she isn’t her most beautiful self. We could all take a note from her book of self-love!

tape measure

It’s true that the plus size fashion industry still has a long way to come in order to embrace a more inclusive size curve. However, these inspirational women are showing more and more designers the importance and beauty that dressing for curvaceous women can bring.


Not only that, but they are also proving that having a positive body image isn’t just about what you wear. It’s about feeling confident and empowered within yourself too.

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